Interact with Customers Using Comment & Reply Automation

Grow your business and brand presence, listen to your customers, but also let them know that you’re always listening. Use smart, non-generic automation that addresses their questions with specific replies.

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Why Automation Need in Comment Auto Reply.

Some of Our Popular Features

Auto Reply To Post Comments

Grab more customers using the auto comment feature. The bot will intelligently reply to comments based on keywords.
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Auto Private Reply To Post Comments

Avoid losing customers by interacting with them privately, or notifying them through comments using various reply options.

One-time & Periodic Comments

SocialBot will automatically keep posting comments based on time and dates chosen by you, at your convenience.
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Serial & Random Periodic Comments

You can post comments at your discretion, whether sequentially, one by one or send them randomly.

Dark Post Reply

Target your audience privately. Dark post is simply content that you have not published to your page timeline but is still visible to your target audience through the newsfeed.​
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Customization & Filtering

Control your brand image by filtering out bad words. Leverage options to delete or hide such comments. You can also give a customized reply to them.

Manual Comment on Posts

No need to leave the SocialBot interface for posting comments. You can post manual comments from SocialBot directly.
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Emoji & Spintax Comments

Make comments and replies meaningful, emotional, attractive & understandable with emojis and spintax.

Full Report of Comments & Replies

Analyze your interaction and improve it using detailed SocialBot analytical reports.
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Buy smart, sell smarter.
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