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Our Popular Features

Multiple Payment Options at Checkout

Product Price Variants

Abandoned Order Reminders

Coupon Code Generator

Payment Integration

Integrate with industry leading and secure payment processing systems including PayPal, Stripe, Bank payment, RazorPay & COD many more. When customers get to choose from different options to pay with, they almost never leave without a purchase.

QR Scanning

Generate, circulate, and save unlimited QR codes from the SocialBot platform to facilitate digital engagements.

Product Price Variants

Set different prices for different attributes of the same product. For example, you can set different prices for small, medium, and large sizes of the same t-shirt.

Delivery Points

Save your common delivery locations

Coupon Codes

Generate coupons through multiple options like Fix Product, Percent based, cart based, free shipping, along with expiry date and so on
Seasonal sale discounts. Presents purchase, visiting boutiques, luxury shopping. Price reduction promotional coupons, special holiday offers. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustration
Handling and order processing abstract concept vector illustration. Order documentation, processing system, handling customer request, logistics, automated logistics operations abstract metaphor.

Order Status

Engage customers with proactive branded delivery updates through Facebook messenger. Get a detailed report about your sales and products.

Abandoned Order Reminders

Recover your lost sale by sending them automatic reminder alerts through various channels. Send up to 3 reminders through Messenger, SMS and Emails.

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