Go Live with Pre-Recorded Videos on Facebook using SocialBot

A live video streaming tool allows you to go live on Facebook with pre-recorded video and share it across all your pages. Go live immediately or schedule for the future. Create live events for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting.

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Why Use Our Live Pre-Recorded Video Tool?

Some of Our Popular Features

Go Live on Facebook Using Pre-Recorded Video

Attract 10X customers using live streaming. Most users spend and trust in live events.
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Give Live Reminders To All

Send notifications to users about your live events so they can be reminded of sales and updates.

Schedule Your Stream

No need to sit and check live events, just schedule and go for a holiday! SocialBot will handle live events smoothly, automatically, intelligently.
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Cross Posting

Post your video across multiple social media pages and groups with a single click.

Clone Campaign Streaming

No need to create everything again and again from scratch, just clone it and run it.
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Buy smart, Sell smarter.
Grow your business exponentially with SocialBot.

No credit card required